About MDE Projects

Let your imagination run wild, put your event on water, increase your available space, add a little panache, excite and charm.

Collectively with our partners, we have extensive maritime expertise to provide solutions to your on-water event.

MDE Projects are an adaptable team that takes pride in understanding our client’s needs and can work towards various configurations of floating platforms, both nationally and internationally. All systems that are utilised are the leaders of their field. Stocks are generally in sufficient supply, allowing MDE Projects to install at a moment’s notice.

When working with MDE Projects you have the peace of mind that comes with an experienced team that knows its limits and therefore will not compromise on safety. Our designs are certified by our engineering partner. We also provide full installation packages.


We have more than 25 years of experience delivering world class pontoons and floatation for water events.

​If you have a great idea but don’t know how to start or if you need advice on planning or approvals for world class floatation events, give us a call.

Event delivery

We provide world class project management, implementation services and technical advice for all water-based events utilising pontoons and floatation platforms.

We deliver all over the world and Australia with our services including.

  • Project Management
  • Water Event Assistance
  • Technical Production
  • Legislative and Policy Compliance
  • Aquatic Licence Applications
  • Risk Management and WHS
  • Site Plans and Management

Event hiring

MDE Projects are your Australian pontoon and floatation docks specialists. Offering a professional and fully qualified hiring service backed by over 25 years of experience for any event on or near water.

If you need to hire pontoons or floatation docks, our friendly team can assist. If you need help with safety, we can also supply safety boat operators, life jackets, and relevant stability calculations to ensure you can complete your works with the most suitable and safe solution give the team at MDE Projects a call today.

MDE Projects- Event Floatation Experts with over 25 years of experience.

Give the team a call today!