Buying vs hiring water event flotation equipment

If you’re tossing up between buying or hiring equipment for your next event on the water there are a few things to consider depending on your circumstances.

Working with event flotation experts could be the deciding factor between the two, however, both options could fit your needs.


Purchasing flotation equipment can be a good option if you plan on using it frequently and having equipment regularly available for ongoing and future events. This will save money in the long run by using the equipment multiple times, but the upfront investment can be more costly than renting. If you are looking to run a water event business or in search of frequent cash flow from flotation equipment, then this can be the best option for you.


On the other hand, hiring flotation equipment for a water event is a great option if you need it for a single or annual event. If you do not have the capital or budget for an upfront investment, hiring will be beneficial.

Space and storage for flotation equipment also pose extra requirements when owning them. The hiring companies will handle the storage and maintenance of the equipment for you as well as distribution, leaving you less stress on event day.

Hiring from event flotation experts, such as MDE, provides access to a wider range of equipment that will provide the best solutions for your big event. Having a variety of options available is key to picking the right business to work with.

Water event experts are the best in the business when dealing with these situations and helping you decide on what to do with flotation equipment for the big day.

Hiring as well as providing event management solutions with years of experience will ensure that your next event on the water will be one to remember.

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