Essential behind the scenes services for creating and managing events on the water

Experiencing an event on the water can be a true spectacle, but choosing the right people that can create and manage your big event is crucial. Acknowledging, managing, and working on all of the behind the scenes areas with consistent communication will allow for a safe and smooth event for everyone involved. 

The team at MDE works through everything involved with a project from start to finish – on and off the work site – from production setup, to legal requirements, safety regulations, and management planning.

Here are some of the main areas that the team at MDE manages for each event:

Project management

Management across the entire project with end to end solutions for all processes provides the framework for running smooth, enjoyable, and safe events. All aspects of the project are considered whether it be for a commercial, business, party, or exhibition.


Assistance with water events

Physical and non-physical assistance is done throughout the project. From the initial planning to hands-on preparation, the team at MDE will work with you through it all. We provide service to assist you for your project from start to finish to allow for the best possible experience for the big event.

Technical production

Once you have decided what type of event you wish to run on the water, technical production and equipment to suit the event style can be managed throughout the project. Visualise what your event needs in terms of the experience and make a list of what you will need to make this happen. Having the idea in place and making a plan will allow you to work with the team easier.


Policy and legislative compliance

Each event proposed will have its specific policies and legislative requirements to ensure the go ahead for each project. Whether it be for business, commercial, or recreational, the team at MDE can assist you or point you in the right direction for any legal activity that needs to be completed for your event.


Applications for aquatic licences

Aquatic events bring the need for aquatic licences for the environment the project will be created on. In some circumstances, the need for these licences will need to be obtained before the event can be scheduled. MDE can help you with applying and your application for various aquatic licences.

Risk management and workplace safety

The most important area in the behind the scenes processes for managing a creating a project. The safety of everyone involved is of the utmost importance for everything to do with a project or event. MDE carefully manages all risks associated with a project and provides workplace health and safety policies for events to run smoothly.

Site management and planning

Management on-site is a service we provide – not just management of the project as a whole. On-site management and planning for each individual project is done by the team at MDE to set you up for the big day. Ongoing assistance with these can be sought after throughout the entire project.

Whether it’s before, during, or on the big day, the team at MDE will provide you with all the behind the scenes activities to allow smooth sailing for your big on the water event. Make sure to enquire about these behind the scenes services today!

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