Five exciting sporting event ideas you can host with a floating pontoon

When living on the coast or near a river in this country, participating in water activities is one of the most exciting things to do. But, let’s go a step further and look into exciting and unique sporting events that you can host on a floating pontoon.

Wakeboarding competitions

Being towed behind a boat boasts one of the most popular water sports worldwide and we are blessed to have a natural environment to suit. Floating pontoons can be used to assist in wakeboarding competitions for riders to perform stunts on custom-built ramps and rails.

Participants can showcase their acrobatic rides in a controlled environment whilst crowds can also view close to the action.

Jet ski races

If you plan to spend a day out on the water and it’s a spectacular day, these things are everywhere. Jet ski races are another popular water sport where the use of floating pontoons aid the nature of the event. Races can compete on courses that are marked out on a section of water whilst spectators can watch. The pontoons can be most useful for the races at starting points and finishing lines while custom-building smaller platforms for checkpoints. 

Canoe polo tournaments

If you didn’t know, canoe polo is a water sport that is much similar to water polo, but played in a canoe or kayak. These tournaments can be best held in the calm waters of large pools, rivers, lakes, or harbors. This allows for a more controlled environment for both players and spectators.

Fishing competitions

This seems a perfect fit for these types of competitions, as floating pontoons can’t get you much closer to the natural environment whilst fishing. Different platforms built in different areas can provide a unique and challenging environment for anglers. Competitors can fish from the pontoons or close by from a boat with the events having the ability for broadcasters to film closely. They also provide a great landing area for the fish, as opposed to a boat, to help them land the catch of the day.

Water-based obstacle courses

Running and jumping on water couldn’t be made more possible than with a floating pontoon. Obstacle courses can be made on floating pontoons that challenge competitors with fitness and navigation on the water. The custom-built course can include equipment that features ropes courses, balance beams, walls, and other obstacles. They put to the test competitors’ skill and coordination but, most importantly, provide entertainment for everyone involved.

These are a few sporting event ideas that can be hosted on floating pontoons to make life on water unique and exciting for participants and spectators. Some offer a different perspective on water-based sports while others are a great way to bring everyone together and enjoy the outdoor water experience. Thinking of hosting your next sporting event on the water?

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