“Here’s some of MDE’s biggest events”

MDE is blessed to be a part of some iconic events and huge projects for great companies. Providing management and assistance for these events is at the forefront of what we do and we will continue to keep creating dreams for everyone involved.

Sydney International Boat Show

Sydney’s Darling Harbour showcases the great “Sydney International Boat Show”, an annual event that has been ongoing since 1968. This boat show covers all aspects of boating activities with the main experiences consisting of sailing, exhibition, and casting a line at the crack of dawn. A project that MDE is proud to be a part of and will always be a favourite of ours.

Aqua Rugby Australia

A Rugby event on a floating pontoon that looks like a Rugby field? Yes it’s real: Åqua Rugby Australia hosts a 3-day rugby festival on the water that has the players scoring the splashiest of tries. A 30 x 30 metre floating pontoon has players diving off the end of the pitch to score tries. One of the most exciting parts of the game is the fact that players can be crashed tackled off either side of the floating pitch, something which always gets the crowd riled up.

Mona Foma

In the Summer what more can you want than a festival of music, art, and exhibition? Well, the Mona Foma has it all by displaying all these breathtaking experiences in a single event. Bands, food, and booze has this festival right up there as one of the best for everyone to enjoy. The latest event held in Hobart and Launceston was a great success, with multiple sessions run in both these cities which saw energetic crowds each day.

Floating outdoor cinema

Movies on the water in Sydney Harbour, Mov’in Boat provides the best cinema experience on the water which will have you wanting to watch movies over and over again. They provide not one, not two, not three, but four options to choose how you would like to watch a film on the water. You can experience a film on a rowboat with the option to be adventurous by arriving earlier and paddling around Darling harbour prior to watching it. Films on floating pontoons, sailing and watching, and VIP Star events, Mov’in Boat will get you out of the house and wanting to watch movies like you have never before.

MDE has taken pleasure in providing project management for these events and every other event in the past. We will continue to provide ongoing support and waterfront experiences for our clients and business partners into the future. Get in touch with MDE today so you can create or be a part of huge events like these ones.

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