Project management for your event on the water

Have you thought of your next event on the water, but are unsure how it can all unfold? Yes the physical aspect of having a floating pontoon or dock on the water sounds great, but can an event project be managed properly from start to finish to leave you with the best water experience possible? The team at MDE are experts in solving these problems and are eager to manage your next water event project, with over 25 years experience.

Project management isn’t just a simple pick up the phone and book and floating dock, but things can be made just as simple with our management and event solutions. Don’t limit yourself to just one body of water, we can assist you with event ideas all over Australia. Great ideas need to be put into reality and the project team at MDE are certainly the ones that can do that for you. Planning water events has several procedures for it to be put in place. We provide you with helpful advice on planning as well as approvals for water event access across the country.

If you need someone to speak to in person to better align the visions of your water event ideas, consultations can greatly help you in moving closer and closer to your end goal. Ideas and solutions can be spoken about in a comfortable environment in areas you may not know about water event management. At these consultations, the team at MDE will discuss water event setup, water safety procedures, and water event regulations. All of these key areas will be carefully aligned with your event ideas, as well as ongoing management strategies & implementation.

We take pride in our project management capabilities, always seeking to provide our customers with end to end solutions for their floating water events. Specialist teams can be assigned specifically to you that focus specifically on safety procedures, safety regulations, and water event management, with assistance provided across all areas. We care about your next water event just as much as you do, and providing information on all these areas will ensure that you have a safe and smooth event on the water with no trouble from authorities.

The team at MDE would love to manage your next project on the water and provide more than just assistance with ideas. Our staff go beyond this by helping you with legislation, safety procedures, and regulations. Contact the team now and let us help get your next project on the water up and running!

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