What you need to know when organising a wedding on a floating pontoon

Picture yourself saying “I do” while floating on the water and wedding the partner of your dreams. The good news is, this dream can most certainly become a reality! Your own body of water surrounded by your family and friends, this is the definition of a magical experience. However, organising the wedding ceremony on a floating pontoon requires extra planning and consideration to ensure an enjoyable and safe event. 

Let’s look at what you need to know about organising a successful wedding on the water.

Pick a suitable platform

Think about the number of guests you wish to have at your wedding and picture a pontoon large enough to hold everyone comfortably with a bit of space. Alongside your guests, necessary equipment such as chairs, tables, and a dance floor should be taken into consideration. Don’t forget to check the weight capacity of the pontoon as it will have to support all the weight. Event organisation experts will be able to help you with this.

Plan for all types of weather

The wedding of your dreams will most certainly have the optimal weather conditions in your mind, but planning for all types of weather must be done, as it is something that can change quickly. Fortunately, pontoons can be set up with areas to be protected from rain or excessive sun exposure. Look into having covered areas customised to suit any type of weather or to accommodate the needs of your guests. Depending on the season and the temperature, heaters and fans can be rented to provide that extra bit of comfortability. 

Hire experienced vendors

If you want the best event possible you have to hire the best and most experienced in the business. Choose vendors that have worked on providing event floatation experiences before and ones that do it regularly. They will have the appropriate equipment and knowledge base to help you create the event, as well as take the pressure off you and guide you in the planning process. 

Safety is a must

Safety considerations and safety measures must be put in place with no question. You’re on a floating pontoon on the water, so non-slip surfaces, railings, first aid kits, and life jackets must be readily available for all guests when needed. Take note of those who cannot swim and monitor the few who may have conditions that require extra treatment. 

Transport to and from

We want everyone to get there safe and sound, so look to arrange transport to and from the pontoon, especially if it’s not easily accessible. As well as buses to and from the venue, transport options can include shuttle boats, ferries, or water taxis to get you to the pontoon. 

Lighting and decoration

Lighting and decorations definitely play their part in transforming you into a world like no other. Use these to your benefit and organise the two to fit the theme you wish to have at your dream wedding. Consider the weight of the decorations and lighting fixtures and make sure they won’t exceed the weight capacity of the pontoon. Go for waterproof and wind resistant options when choosing to decide for the wedding.

Organising a wedding on a floating pontoon can be a memorable and unique experience but with careful planning and communication, the event will become special. Work with experts in this field to provide you with the best service for creating your dream wedding. Get in touch with the team at MDE today and plan your wedding on the water!

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