The best ideas for your next corporate event!

Thinking of running a corporate event and wanting to take it to the next level? Look no further than an aquatic event on a pontoon! It’s an experience for all your guests and business partners to getaway on the water, talk shop, and enjoy the natural marine area. The stunning views of the water and skyline (if in the city) will create a unique and memorable event experience for all your attendees. 


Here are a few great ideas for your next floating corporate event:

Floating product launch

What a way to host a new product launch out on the water bringing in the sense of excitement and anticipation. A perfect fit for water based products or launching a new product in the area you wish to push your next run of sales. An excellent way to capture attention from your guests with them learning about the new product or service in a unique way.

Team-Building Exercises

Bring your team together and build strong connections outside the office. A floating pontoon can be a great setting to run team-building exercises that will benefit your company’s culture and workplace environment. Incorporate fun and challenging obstacle courses, games, team competitions, and explanatory presentations that require your team to work together to complete.

Floating yoga or fitness class

Improve health and wellness amongst your team members and run a yoga or fitness class out on the water. A normal gym or park just won’t cut it for some people so spruce up the action and organise a class they won’t want to miss. A beautiful, serene setting that gives everyone the chance to boost their physical and mental health – the perfect corporate event.

Floating art exhibition 

Call upon your art suppliers or creative contacts and run a charitable event with art as the main attraction. Have the great backdrop of the ocean, river, or harbour and give your guests multiple reason to donate by purchasing art.

Floating fireworks display

End your corporate event with a visual bang and organise a fireworks display on a floating pontoon that is setup some distance from you for the surprise factor but great sightseeing. You can’t beat a lasting impression then putting on fireworks to end an event while creating a truly memorable experience for your attendees.

Above are just a few great ideas you can run for corporate events on a floating pontoon. Creativity is endless and your next corporate event could be one to remember.

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