The top event floatation experiences on a floating dock/pontoon

Music Festival

Floating docks and pontoons bring a whole new experience to music festivals. Yes you’re there to listen to the best acts in the business, but what better way to do it than floating on the water. Its stability, sturdiness, and safety aspects allow you to enjoy all sensations alongside music. Customisable options allow the dock to withstand heavy stages and equipment with large crowds. 


It’s already scenic and spacious so what a way to make it better with a food experience. One of the numerous experiences a floating dock can offer!  An opportunity to take advantage of custom designs and lightweight floating cubes, setting up a restaurant on the water could not be easier. A waterfront perspective whilst simultaneously feeling the experiences of boating, a meal on the water doesn’t seem so far out of depth.


If a body of water is where you dream of getting married to your bride or groom, then that dream can become reality; weddings happen to be part of the top event ideas on a floating dock/pontoon. A place to tie the knot or host the event, you can’t argue with the wow factor that will be experienced on that special day. These floating docks provide great flexibility in reference to the shape and size you wish to have your wedding day catered for. Rising and falling with the water level, moisture resistant, and high stability will allow everyone to stay looking sharp and comfortable throughout the wedding.

Boat Shows

Now you want to be as close to the action as possible during a boat show event. You are about as close as it gets when on a floating dock/pontoon. This can level up your experience as you witness the quality and class of boats that glide across the water. With easy entry and exit access from multiple points of the dock, boat show providers can give people an up close and personal experience. Whether it’s a boat race or boat exhibition, we can’t go past the fact that this makes the water experience even better.

Sporting event

We have all seen one at some point and wonder “how good would that be.” The truth is it really is that good when you experience a sporting event on a platform on the water. The floating docks/pontoons cater for the likes of Rugby and Soccer events, but whatever sport that can be played on flat ground, it can be done too. Setting up posts or goals at either end of the platform makes for a highly entertaining game – but imagine the experience if you were playing! Be sure to add a sporting event on the water to your bucket list so you can score a goal with a feel that you cannot get on land.

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