Top tips you must know for managing and hosting a boat show event

Managing and hosting a boat show event on the water can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it does come with its own set of challenges. From selecting the right location to ensuring safety and providing amenities, managing and hosting a boat show event with customised floating docks requires careful planning and execution.

Let’s take a look at some top tips that will help you manage and host a successful boat show event. Whether you are a first time organiser or a seasoned planner, these tips will be beneficial to you.

Plan ahead

It’s simple, boat show success won’t happen without planning ahead and visualising all areas involved. Start early and make a detailed checklist of every task that needs to be managed and hosted. Staying organised is everything, and ensuring everything is in its place on the water and on land will allow you to run an event that everyone will remember.

Choose the right location

The location you choose to manage and host your event is critical. Look for somewhere that is easily accessible and has plenty of room to build customised floating docks and boat traffic. Keep in mind that there will be people commuting to and from causing thoroughfare around the location. Consider weather conditions and provide adequate shelter from the elements.

Hire experienced staff

Staff that is experienced and knowledgeable about boats, boating, and event management on the water are the staff you should hire for you to help manage and host your boat show event. They must have excellent communication skills and be friendly and approachable throughout the event and expect to answer any questions that the visitors may have.

Advertise your event

Do as much as you can to bring everyone to your event and show them the value they will have by experiencing a boat show event managed and hosted by you. Promote the big day on the water through various channels, such as print advertising, radio spots, and social media. Highlight the features of customised floating docks and the unique experiences of the boats on the show that the visitors can expect. 

Ensure safety

Always a top priority when managing and hosting a boat show event as the people involved make up the whole atmosphere. Make sure you have enough staff on hand to monitor all areas and have safety precautions in place for when action is needed to happen. Consider hiring professional security teams if you wish to enforce additional security. 

Provide amenities 

This is certainly a big part of any event so make sure your boat show offers multiple amenities such as food and beverage vendors, seating areas, restrooms, and participant space. This will not only make your event comfortable but also enjoyable for all visitors. 

Have a backup plan

A backup plan can often be overlooked but is essential for unexpected events or change. Be prepared for any sudden challenges that may occur such as inclement weather, boating breakdown, malfunctioning, and accidents. Having a backup plan in place ensures that you can continue event operations and manage without big interruptions. 

By following these top tips will help you on your way to manage and host a successful boat show event. The team at MDE can provide you with customised floating docks and organise an event for you visitors to enjoy and remember. Enquire with MDE today!

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