Did you know that water events can be delivered and set up at your convenience?

Let’s look at why this can be beneficial for you:


You’ve thought about it, and you’re looking to put everything together, but you’re wondering how multiple things can come into place for a show-stopping event. From delivery to event setup, platform catering and equipment management, there’s so much to organise with different businesses to call to make it all possible. Thankfully for you, this can all be done with one business servicing everything you need from start to finish for any floatation event.

Technical guidance and implementation, from delivery to the dock setup, could not be easier with MDE projects. Whether it be for business, wedding, music festival, exhibition, or commercial use, MDE can service you from road to water and make your event one to remember.

More than just planning and organising

Yes, at MDE we plan and organise events, but we do everything from the design concept all the way through to the delivery and setup stage. All of this is done with direction and coordination utilising a committed and enthusiastic team to ensure project success. Physically delivering you the best water experience on a dock or pontoon is at the heart of what we do and we are driven to provide the best for our clients.

On the job setup

The location, time, date, and project has been sorted with the relevant equipment delivered to the site, now it’s time to set up for the big day. There are options for comprehensive installation packages that can be tailored to your event.

At MDE we put your event on the water and provide an installation service all in one, saving you the hassle of dealing with multiple businesses that could cost you extra time and money.

Be part of something big

Our experience in event management continues to grow but so do the memorable events we create alongside you. Join the long list of water experience projects and take your event afloat.

From floating outdoor cinemas to music festivals a successful event is not so far out of reach with MDE. Make your dreams reality and take you time off land by producing an event you can be proud of.

We are driven to deliver and generate the best outcomes for our clients from planning to event setup. Float into your event and contact the team at MDE today!

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