Why commercial hire can be the solution for your business

When we think of floating pontoons and floatation docks it’s easy to match them up with a special party or event. However, in addition to that, businesses that need waterfront or floatation access during operation can benefit from commercial hire. These include the supply of boat operators, relevant stability calculations, assistance with commercial management, and life jackets just to name a few. Commercial hire gives you a safe solution to managing and completing your work near or on the water, without having to organise the equipment yourself. Time, money, and project stress can be eliminated with the least amount of hassle by choosing to hire for your next aquatic operation. 

Businesses can benefit from floatation equipment just as much, if not more so, than someone organising a one off event or party. Solutions can be tailored to you for the life of a project, or as little as you need throughout the research stage. Now make work that extra bit better by providing solutions where you can begin operations with walking on the water. Here are some examples of what water operations you can benefit from by commercial hire.

Floating walkways and bridges

If you need temporary pedestrian and small plant access across rivers, canals, harbours, and lakes, these are the way to go. Designed to withstand the appropriate equipment and include stable and sturdy pedestrian access.

Floating work platforms

It’s not every day you get to work on water, but when you do you need the best platform to get the job done without ending up “in the drink”. Physical and logistical challenges can arise from working on water, but a safe and secure platform can negate this, allowing you to carry on with the operation.

Pontoons for shore access

If you need access to water, a floating pontoon will get you there. Pontoons give you the ability to shift and move equipment from lakes, harbours, and rivers, and also allow you to undertake any work needed from water to land.


Pontoon hire for geotechnical investigations

Hiring a pontoon for geotechnical investigations will get you as close as possible to carry out procedures and research right where you want to be on the water. Accuracy and fine line testing can be benefitted from with a floating pontoon, which can then lead into future builds.

Floating scaffolding platforms

Need height and different levels of access but the water is the best area to operate from? You’re in luck, specialist scaffolding platforms can be built to withstand light and heavy loads so you can access the appropriate height you need.

Hiring floating pontoons can be the best solution for your commercial operations whether it be big or small. Make sure to contact MDE today for your next commercial hire!

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