Why you should hire a floating dock for your next event

Easy to use

A platform on the water while having a great time, what more could you want! A floating platform for your event feels sturdy as well as making it easy for your guests to move across the platform. Water levels aren’t an issue as a floating dock accommodates all waterfront environments.

Short time assembly

Provided the time and place is appropriate, a floating platform is not only easy to assemble but can be done in a short amount of time. Research the area you wish to hold your event to see if a floating platform can be assembled for you. Most places where it is appropriate will have procedures in place to make the event setup quick and easy. MDE can definitely assist you in floating platform information and event assembly for your next water experience.

Strength and Safety

The sturdiness and stability on these floating platforms are no joke. They have the ability to fit a decent crowd in a party scene without much movement. Platforms can be designed for heavy industrial equipment as well as a crowd leaving peace of mind while having a great time. Safety is at the forefront when designing and assembling a floating platform. Slip resistant surfaces are incorporated into the platform ensuring guests can move around with slips and falls.


There are various floating platform designs for various types of waterfront events. Depending on your type of event, floating platforms are designed and assembled to accommodate your and your guests needs on the water. Reassemblies, dock shape varieties, and countless configurations are part of the advantages of choosing a floating platform for your event.

On the water

You’re on the water and these platforms make it possible! Although you are floating and having a great time, you must consider your own and your guests’ safety at all times. Have plans and practices in place in case any issues happen to help your event run smoothly. Not often this will happen so make sure to have a great time in the moment. A great way to enjoy value for money on a temporary floating platform.

Super scenic

Do yourself a favour and browse through some past events held by MDE and check out what floating platforms we have to offer that you can hire. There are various scenic images showing great events on the water giving you a great perspective of how enjoyable a floating platform event can be. The expert team has over 25 years experience guaranteeing you quality service when helping you plan your next floating platform event.

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